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Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Spiritual Qualilties of Water

Recently at the Unity Church in Berkeley, California, I was blessed by being a participante in a White Stone ceremony set a tone of renewal and revitalization, peace and prosperity for me in 2010. Spirit reminded me to honor the Water element within myself -- that Water is the strongest; the only unconquerable yet the most changeable and softest of all substances -- that Water's utilization of the forces existing in its environment manifests itself as imperturbable stillness which in a moment can change into frenzied action that can shatter to pieces anything standing in its way.

Water possesses unyielding hardness yet it will softly, easily and graciously withdraw, like the tides in the ocean. Water cannot be beaten but when pierced with a sword remains unharmed and unscathed. Water can be burned only to temporarily evaporate and then unfallibly return. When pushed away or shut out, Water seeks and finds a new path -- breaking every resistance with multiplied force. Water can withdraw, evade, disappear, but indefatigably returns again and again.

Water with its fleeting irresistibleness circumvents the most difficult areas and ingeniously, imperceptibly penetrates the minutest openings. By its ability to change its form and molecular density, it can break up and shatter whatever may try to oppose it. Water dripping on the hardest rock can hollow it out and pierce it. Through slow, merciless,patient catalyzed corrosion it penetrates and dissolves the strongest steel. Water cannot be locked in as it is able to surround and envelop. It cannot be beaten but can retaliate with deadly blows. If water swallows you, death is unavoidable.

Water is invulnerable and ubiquitous. It unites within itself all opposing qualities and thus is not limited by any. It possesses incomparable flexibility, softness and hardness without rigidity. It can adapt itself to any new circumstance and instantaneously completely unexpectedly take on a new quality or qualities.

I now adopt the unique qualities of water in my actions -- as did the people of Temuchin. I shall not meet hard force with rigid resistance; I shall yeild softly like the smooth, fleeting dancing movements of a wave, in a watery way. I shall let my opponents deplete their energy with futile show-offs and disorganized charges. I shall remain playfully at ease and follow my opponents' movements in every detail. I will without fail know in advance what my opponent is going to do next. I shall evade every attempt of attack with nimbleness and surefootedness bordering on the impossible. I shall not be subject to ordinary human limitations for I focus on the Unlimited Nature of Spirit, of the Water. When the time is right, I shall envelop my foes; I shall exhaust, and figuratively drown them. I shall flow freely, peacefully and joyfully in my victory.

I vow to adapt, to be flexible, and to allow perspicacity to permeate my whole nature, all my thoughts and actions. I vow to be simultaneously strong and soft and to possess indefatigable, invincible strength and to possess sensitive, adaptable softness.

I now honor the spiritual qualities of the Mongols who adopted the spiritual qualities of Water in their daily lives.

I now recognize and praise the Spirit of Water that is a part of me.

I now allow the qualities of Water to express through me.

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