Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Pathway of Peace & Harmony

Recently I have been reminded to return to my spiritual lessons as taught by Emma Curtis Hopkins as I work my way through a great challenge in my life. I have refocused my attention on the lessons taught in her book Scientific Christian Mental Practice written in 1888.

Emma states in the chapter “Righteous Judgment” that there is one treatment (prayer or affirmation) that results in great efficiency in managing our lives and environments easily. It is:

“I do not accuse the world or myself of sin; all is well – all is good and very good.”

Emma teaches that much of the inefficiency and problems that we face come from our thinking about the wrong-doings of others and of ourselves. Misery comes from feeling that by some mistake in life, that we have not amounted to what we might have, and that all our misfortunes and travails all hinge on that mistake. While a mistake seems to be so very much, in reality its right and true name is nothingness. God never makes any mistakes in Spirit. Our family never made any mistake in Spirit. No one has made any mistake in Spirit.

As Spirit is all that is the real of each one of us, facing the worst troubles in our life with words that the mistakes that brought them about are nothing, the troubles are nothing will have a amazing healing effect in putting these circumstances in a new relationship with us. We will not be hardened to bear them – our troubles will be gone.

If especially troubled, state the following prayerfully and firmly:

“I have never accused the world or myself of sin – all is Good.
I am not covered with formulations of sin, therefore I am not diseased nor am I in discord or disharmony.
I have not received an inheritance of sin in disease, discord, or disharmony – I came forth from God.
I am not surrounded by a race or world of sin – I am surrounded by God.
I do not hear sin, see sin, feel sin, fear sin, sense sin from anyone or anything therefore I am now free in purity.
There is no gathering of the consequences of sin around the Spirit; therefore I am now completely free from the consequence of sin.
I have not gathered my own sins together in disease, discord, or disharmony. I am now completely free from disease, discord and disharmony.
There is no cause for disease, discord, or disharmony in Spirit.
I do not lay any burden of belief in my own sinfulness upon myself, anyone else, or the world.
I do not believe in the sins of carnal mind. I do not believe in selfishness. I do not believe in greed. I do not believe in envy. I do not believe in jealousy. I do not believe in cruelty. I do not believe in deception. I do not believe in sloth or laziness. I do not believe in revenge. I do not believe in the outshowing of these claims against mankind.
I believe mankind is God and God is mankind, without sin, sickness, disease, death, discord, or disharmony.
Therefore my life is Good, and cannot be threatened by death, nor yield to death, nor fear death in any part of my being.
My health is God, and cannot be threatened with disease, nor fear disease, nor yield to disease in any part of me.
My strength is God; it cannot be threatened with weakness, nor fear weakness, nor yield to weakness in any part of me.
My substance is God: it cannot be threatened, nor withheld from me, nor taken from me.
My prosperity is God; it cannot be taken from me nor withheld from me.
I hereby acknowledge that I am healed, that my circumstances are now healed. I say this freely to myself and to the world here and now.
In the name of the Father, the Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, I do declare that I am every whit whole in the wholeness of God. And so it is. Amen.”

Namaste and blessings to you.

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