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Monday, January 25, 2010

Sowing Seeds of Fearlessness

Emma Curtis Hopkins teaches:
  "All seeds have their seed within themselves, so the Scriptures tell us."
It is your business to stop thinking about your troubles, about yourself, about the "man", and give thanks and praise that your words and prayers are working well.  When you are pledged to principle, everything will work out with loving kindness. We must think new and joyful thoughts about people and life, about our circumstances, and soon they begin to respond to our thoughts.

Emma further teaches that if a person continues to have a recurring challenge (seeming problem) in life that the person may well be imagining a mixture of good and evil.  During the years of the George Bush administration such seeds of thought were placed into the thought atmosphere on a daily basis by some of the most powerful men and women in our nation. We still find media commentators spouting seeds of fear, doubt, and uncertainty in our world. Emma tells us that when one "imagines a mixture of good and evil in the universe, he is sure to see a great deal of good and evil.  If he lets his mind balance on the gloomy side, more than on the joyous side, he will see more evil conditions than good in his lot.  He will not see his world record joyoousness, if he does not put joyousness forth, from his mind as a steady stream into the world."

If a particular crises arises before us a fourth time, it shows that there is a conflict of the mind.  It show that we have been disturbed on the question as to which is more powerful in the world, good or evil.  We may have been focusing on whether or not there is a Satan.  Maybe we thought that in the long run the good, right and justice would prevail but for now things were pretty dark.  Things must seem very mixed up for us.  When this occurs, we must let Spirit within us say: 
"I do not believe in mixtures.  I do not believe in failure.  I believe in success."

When you feel mixed up within yourself as to the state of the world, state in your own mind and say strongly:
 "I do not believe in evil; I believe only in the Good Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent. I do not believe that it takes time for goodness to demonstrate itself powerfully; I believe goodness demonstrates itself instantly. I do not believe in poverty; I believe in the wealth, the prosperity, the substance of Spirit. I do not believe in sickness; I believe in health; I do not believe in discord; I believe in harmony. I do not believe in sorrow; I believe in joy. I do not believe in sloth, laziness, or procrastination; I believe in the activity and life of Spirit. I do not believe in deceit; I belive in truth. I do not believe in darkness; I believe in the Light. I do not believe in trouble; I believe in peace."

When facing a particularly tough circumstance in your life, stand away from it.  Declare in the face of seeming disaster: 
"I do not believe in it.  I do not believe in that side of the situation.  I believe in success, victory, and prosperity, for myself in the name of Jesus Christ."

Emma tells us to say the above to every single one of our troubles. She says to take one afternoon a week and say those words out loud.  She assures us that the old conditions and circumstances must unglue, must go,  for God reigns.  Believe it!  It works.  I know for I have tried it in my own life.

Let us remember Isaiah's promise:
"Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee."
There is absolultely no combination of circumstances so hard or bleak for God. God can work a miracle in every circumstances.  We must step aside and let God do that which is his to do.

Let us say aloud:
"There is nothing to fear.  I am clinging to a loving God.  I cannot doubt the Good.  I believe in a loving God.  I do not believe in appearances.  I believe in God here present in loving kindness. I do not believe in a whole army or a whole corporation or entity of evil conditions.  I believe God is bringing us all through safely and prosperously."
Remember that there is NO COMBINATION of circumstances so hard, or bleak, or complicated for God to work a miracle in them.  Each of us was born of God so we must go toward God, toward the Good beyond good. 

All the world, our close friends, our family, our associates, and everyone is Good Let Let us know together that God is working a miracle in our lives today.

Namaste and blessings to you my friends.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Pathway of Peace & Harmony

Recently I have been reminded to return to my spiritual lessons as taught by Emma Curtis Hopkins as I work my way through a great challenge in my life. I have refocused my attention on the lessons taught in her book Scientific Christian Mental Practice written in 1888.

Emma states in the chapter “Righteous Judgment” that there is one treatment (prayer or affirmation) that results in great efficiency in managing our lives and environments easily. It is:

“I do not accuse the world or myself of sin; all is well – all is good and very good.”

Emma teaches that much of the inefficiency and problems that we face come from our thinking about the wrong-doings of others and of ourselves. Misery comes from feeling that by some mistake in life, that we have not amounted to what we might have, and that all our misfortunes and travails all hinge on that mistake. While a mistake seems to be so very much, in reality its right and true name is nothingness. God never makes any mistakes in Spirit. Our family never made any mistake in Spirit. No one has made any mistake in Spirit.

As Spirit is all that is the real of each one of us, facing the worst troubles in our life with words that the mistakes that brought them about are nothing, the troubles are nothing will have a amazing healing effect in putting these circumstances in a new relationship with us. We will not be hardened to bear them – our troubles will be gone.

If especially troubled, state the following prayerfully and firmly:

“I have never accused the world or myself of sin – all is Good.
I am not covered with formulations of sin, therefore I am not diseased nor am I in discord or disharmony.
I have not received an inheritance of sin in disease, discord, or disharmony – I came forth from God.
I am not surrounded by a race or world of sin – I am surrounded by God.
I do not hear sin, see sin, feel sin, fear sin, sense sin from anyone or anything therefore I am now free in purity.
There is no gathering of the consequences of sin around the Spirit; therefore I am now completely free from the consequence of sin.
I have not gathered my own sins together in disease, discord, or disharmony. I am now completely free from disease, discord and disharmony.
There is no cause for disease, discord, or disharmony in Spirit.
I do not lay any burden of belief in my own sinfulness upon myself, anyone else, or the world.
I do not believe in the sins of carnal mind. I do not believe in selfishness. I do not believe in greed. I do not believe in envy. I do not believe in jealousy. I do not believe in cruelty. I do not believe in deception. I do not believe in sloth or laziness. I do not believe in revenge. I do not believe in the outshowing of these claims against mankind.
I believe mankind is God and God is mankind, without sin, sickness, disease, death, discord, or disharmony.
Therefore my life is Good, and cannot be threatened by death, nor yield to death, nor fear death in any part of my being.
My health is God, and cannot be threatened with disease, nor fear disease, nor yield to disease in any part of me.
My strength is God; it cannot be threatened with weakness, nor fear weakness, nor yield to weakness in any part of me.
My substance is God: it cannot be threatened, nor withheld from me, nor taken from me.
My prosperity is God; it cannot be taken from me nor withheld from me.
I hereby acknowledge that I am healed, that my circumstances are now healed. I say this freely to myself and to the world here and now.
In the name of the Father, the Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, I do declare that I am every whit whole in the wholeness of God. And so it is. Amen.”

Namaste and blessings to you.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Affirmative Prayer for Overcoming Discord & Disharmony

So often some of us fret and worry because it takes so long to bring our thoughts of good into visible form and manifestation. Emma Curtis Hopkins, the teacher of teachers in the New Thought movement, teaches that this is the condition of discord. If we are given to discords, then let us say this short affirmative prayer and say it often:

"I give thanks and glad praise that God has given to the Holy Spirit all the Joy and Song of the universe, and she does not have to pray for it, beg for it, plead for it, work for it, nor struggle for it. She is joyous and sings because she is Joy. I am glad that the Holy Spirit is Joy and Harmony. And so it is. Amen"

Monday, January 11, 2010

Forming a New Covenant with God for Your Most High Good

Emma Curtis Hopkins, a wise woman referred to as “the teacher of teachers” and a leader in the New Thought Movement reminds us in her book, Scientific Christian Mental Practices, written in 1888, that is serves us well to form a New Covenant with the Holy Spirit. In Hebrews, Chapter 8, Paul writes that Christ spoke of a new covenant; that the first one has become old. He is teaching us to form a new covenant with Spirit for our Most High Good and that Christ is the Mediator of the New Covenant.

Join me now in forming a New Covenant. I invite you to sit down by yourself, and honestly and lovingly write and say aloud:

I hereby covenant with the Holy Spirit for my life, and I will do nothing to preserve my life; my life is the Life of the Spirit.

I covenant with the Holy Spirit for my health; and I will do nothing to preserve my health; my health is the Health of the Spirit.

I covenant with the Spirit for my strength, and will do nothing for my strength; my strength is the Strength of the Spirit.

I covenant with the Spirit for my support, and I will do nothing for my support; my support is the Providence of the Spirit.

I covenant with the Spirit for my substance and supply, and I will do nothing for my substance and supply; my substance and supply is the Substance and Supply of the Spirit.

I covenant with the Spirit for my prosperity, and I will do nothing to make myself prosperous; my prosperity is the Prosperity of the Spirit.

I covenant with the Spirit for my defense, and I will do nothing for my defense; my defense is the Protection of the Holy Spirit.

I covenant with the Spirit for my mind in its perfect thinking, and I will do nothing for my thoughts; my mind is the Mind of the Spirit.

I covenant with the Spirit for my right speech, and I will do nothing for my speech; my speech is the Voice of the Spirit.

I sill do nothing to fix, or record, or write my Truth unto the earth, for my record is the record of the Holy Spirit. I say as Job said, My witness in the heavens and my record is on high.

I covenant for my joyous song of life, and will do nothing to be joyful; my joy is the Joy of the Spirit.

I covenant with the Spirit for my demonstrations of efficiency and skill in rightly doing all things, and I will do nothing to perfect myself. My efficiency is the Working Skill of the Holy Spirit, according to the words of Jesus Christ, who said, “The Words that I speak unto you, I speak not of myself: but the Father that dwelleth in me, he doeth the works.”

I covenant with the Spirit for my judgment in its beauty, and the beauty of judgment; and I will do nothing to make myself greatly good in judgment, for the Spirit is my Judgment.

I covenant with the Holy Spirit for my love, and will do nothing to make myself loving or beloved, for all is now the Holy Spirit now acting with Irresistible Goodness through me.

I now do believe that the Lord my God is now working with me and through me and by me to make me omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent. I now have faith in God. I now have the faith of God. “

And so it is. Amen.

Emma Curtis Hopkins (1849–1925) organized New Thought and was a primary theologian, teacher, writer, feminist, mystic and prophet who ordained women at what she named (with no tie to Christian Science) the Christian Science Theological Seminary of Chicago. Emma Curtis Hopkins was called the "teacher of teachers", because a number of her students went on to found their own churches or to become prominent in the New Thought Movement.

To learn more Emma Curtis Hopkins and her teachings do a search through google.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Spiritual Qualilties of Water

Recently at the Unity Church in Berkeley, California, I was blessed by being a participante in a White Stone ceremony set a tone of renewal and revitalization, peace and prosperity for me in 2010. Spirit reminded me to honor the Water element within myself -- that Water is the strongest; the only unconquerable yet the most changeable and softest of all substances -- that Water's utilization of the forces existing in its environment manifests itself as imperturbable stillness which in a moment can change into frenzied action that can shatter to pieces anything standing in its way.

Water possesses unyielding hardness yet it will softly, easily and graciously withdraw, like the tides in the ocean. Water cannot be beaten but when pierced with a sword remains unharmed and unscathed. Water can be burned only to temporarily evaporate and then unfallibly return. When pushed away or shut out, Water seeks and finds a new path -- breaking every resistance with multiplied force. Water can withdraw, evade, disappear, but indefatigably returns again and again.

Water with its fleeting irresistibleness circumvents the most difficult areas and ingeniously, imperceptibly penetrates the minutest openings. By its ability to change its form and molecular density, it can break up and shatter whatever may try to oppose it. Water dripping on the hardest rock can hollow it out and pierce it. Through slow, merciless,patient catalyzed corrosion it penetrates and dissolves the strongest steel. Water cannot be locked in as it is able to surround and envelop. It cannot be beaten but can retaliate with deadly blows. If water swallows you, death is unavoidable.

Water is invulnerable and ubiquitous. It unites within itself all opposing qualities and thus is not limited by any. It possesses incomparable flexibility, softness and hardness without rigidity. It can adapt itself to any new circumstance and instantaneously completely unexpectedly take on a new quality or qualities.

I now adopt the unique qualities of water in my actions -- as did the people of Temuchin. I shall not meet hard force with rigid resistance; I shall yeild softly like the smooth, fleeting dancing movements of a wave, in a watery way. I shall let my opponents deplete their energy with futile show-offs and disorganized charges. I shall remain playfully at ease and follow my opponents' movements in every detail. I will without fail know in advance what my opponent is going to do next. I shall evade every attempt of attack with nimbleness and surefootedness bordering on the impossible. I shall not be subject to ordinary human limitations for I focus on the Unlimited Nature of Spirit, of the Water. When the time is right, I shall envelop my foes; I shall exhaust, and figuratively drown them. I shall flow freely, peacefully and joyfully in my victory.

I vow to adapt, to be flexible, and to allow perspicacity to permeate my whole nature, all my thoughts and actions. I vow to be simultaneously strong and soft and to possess indefatigable, invincible strength and to possess sensitive, adaptable softness.

I now honor the spiritual qualities of the Mongols who adopted the spiritual qualities of Water in their daily lives.

I now recognize and praise the Spirit of Water that is a part of me.

I now allow the qualities of Water to express through me.