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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Affirmation For Paying Your Bills

Perhaps like so many good people today, you may be facing some challenges in paying your bills in a timely way. You may be scared or frustrated. Like you at various stages in my life and particularly when raising a family as a single parent, I have faced financial ups and downs. I understand what it's like. Sometimes it takes everything you have to be hopeful and positive. Yesterday I was again reminded that by turning to Spirit a person can find the right answer, the right solution, when after doing my morning prayers and meditation, I went to my book shelf where one particular book jumped off the shelf into my hands -- Catherine Ponder's The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity. I came across a positive affirmation that may help you, as it did me, to shift any negative energy you may have around paying your bills. An affirmation can truly act like a spiritual shot in the arm. It can help activate the Law of Divine Circulation so that you can and will find the ways and means to pay those bills and move forward in a more positive, life-affirming way. Catherine Ponder provides us with a voice of hope through the technique and affirmation below. It works. I know because I have tried it. It may restore your sense of hope and optimism so that you can meet your every financial obligation completely and immediately.

When your bills arrive, open each one. Note the date each bill is due, the balance, and the payment that you must make. Jot the date and amounts on the outside of the envelope containing your bill. Then write on the envelope:

"I give thanks for your immediate and complete payment. You are immediately and completely paid by the rich avenues of Divine Substance."

I myself did this exercise at around 10 o'clock yesterday morning. When I checked my online bank balance a few hours later, I discovered that a check I'd been expecting for several weeks had just been posted to my account. I was blessed and know that you can be too.

Let me know how this works for you. Meanwhile you can find Catherine Ponder's books on prosperity online at or Barnes and Noble. Happy Reading! Prosperity to one and all!

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