Saturday, November 1, 2008

Why I am Voting for Barack Obama

Let me begin by saying that I am not Joe the plumber.
I am Brenda the Vietnam War Widow.
I am Brenda the daughter and granddaughter of veterans.
I am Brenda the single parent, now grandparent.
I am Brenda who raised two children on my own.
I am Brenda the first vice president of marketing in several corporations, at a time when women didn't get those jobs and who worked my way up the ladder from secretary to Vice President through my labors, my wits, my courage & tenacity.
I am Brenda the small business owner.
I am Brenda a self-employed mediator.
I am Brenda a grandmother of a special needs child.
I am Brenda owner of a home that Chase Bank has devalued by the wave of a pen by 40%
I am Brenda caught in the credit crunch and banking greed.
I am Brenda struggling to retain ownership of my home.
I am Brenda a single woman facing my senior years with limited resources.
I am Brenda, a distant white cousin of Barack Obama.
I am Brenda a descentant of many patriots of the American Revolution.
I am Brenda a Virginian - a Tennessean - a Californian.
I am Brenda a patriotic American, a true American.
I am Brenda who loves America!
Barack Obama inspires me, gives me hope, uplifts me. His demeanor is calm and thoughtful. He has run an excellent campaign that demonstrates his executive abilities to lead. He is our one hope of healing the rift between blacks and whites in this nation. Obama cares about women and women's issues. He cares about our health and well-being. He supports a woman's right of choice. He supports equal pay for women. He supports health care for every woman, man and child in this land. Obama will stop sending our jobs to Europe. He will stop the corporate greed and corruption in Washington. He will listen to we the people.
I say yes to Barack Obama. I say yes to a better future for America.
I say no to corporate greed, unprepared leaders, maverick behavior, and shooting from the hip. I say no to poorly prepared leaders who overstep the United States Constitution and who don't care about the health and welfare of women -- who care only about big business, big oil, and filling the coffers of Alaskans who live on the oil and gas dole. I say no to a McCain who talks a good game about the veterans and their benefits -- and has responded poorly.
I say No, NO, NO to John McCain and Sarah Palin and her husband,
Todd Palin -- shadow governor of Alaska.
John McCain has demonstrated erratic demoralizing behavior throughout this campaign. My observation is that he is suffering from post traumatic syndrome which will not serve America well in the White House. He has run the dirtiest campaign in my lifetime. His first executive decision in picking Sarah Palin as his running mate demonstrated a gross lack in judgment. Let's send the Palins north to Alaska, north where they belong. Let's send John McCain back to one of his seven or is it eight homes and his rich wife.
Let's elect Barack Obama. Let's restore hope and optimism to our nation.

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